The Riverwood Conservancy's Youth Council

Welcoming and connecting youth to nature in Mississauga

The Riverwood Conservancy strives to reach, welcome, and connect youth (aged 14-25) from in and around Mississauga to the natural world. With that in mind, the TRC Youth Council will be established to directly engage with youth and to elicit their ideas and feedback.

Why we're developing a Youth Council

  • To develop new networks and ties with young people aged 14 through 25 years via their places of education (secondary and post-secondary institutions) and through environmentally-focused youth groups
  • To promote greater community involvement by youth through participation in TRC programs and/or volunteering
  • To increase youth's awareness of Riverwood/TRC and to visit the park for their improved physical and mental health and well-being
  • To create spaces, both physical and virtual, for youth to come together and share their ideas, perspective and priorities related to TRC's strategic objectives.

The Youth Council aligns with and supports a number of TRC’s 2023-2026 strategic objectives and activities.

It is intended that the Youth Council's activities, priorities, and plans will be primarily led and driven by its members.

Youth Council responsibilities

Members of the Youth Council, in concert with TRC staff and volunteers, will engage in activities such as:

  • Connecting with youth through existing school networks and external affinity groups with the intent to increase awareness of TRC
  • Developing ways to encourage youth to visit Riverwood
  • Becoming a conduit for youth volunteering opportunities at TRC
  • Creating youth-focused events that align with TRC strategic objectives and strategies
  • Seeking input and ideas from youth that will improve or inform TRC programs and volunteering
  • Seeking input and ideas from youth that addresses their interests in conservation, education, gardening as well as their concerns, including climate change
  • Looking for opportunities to partner with post-secondary institutions around research or capstone projects and other ideas that jointly benefit students, the institutions, and TRC

Who can apply to be on the Youth Council

We are actively seeking individuals to join our Youth Council. To qualify for the Youth Council, an individual must:

  • Be between 14 and 25 years of age
  • Have an interest in the environment and sustainability
  • Live in and/or attend a secondary or post-secondary school in or around Mississauga
  • Be willing to make a minimum one-year commitment to being on the Youth Council

If that sounds like you, please complete the Youth Council application form below. Thank you for your interest!