Virtual Education Sessions

Our educators can bring nature to your classroom or special needs group

Because of COVID-19, we've had to suspend our popular, in-person nature education programs for elementary students, secondary students, and individuals with special needs. But public health restrictions haven't changed the fact that students and people with special needs can benefit from learning about the environment and connecting with nature. We've adapted our environmental education programs to create engaging live sessions that can be delivered virtually to special needs groups and schools.

We can present directly to your classroom or group through our Zoom webinar account, or you can invite our speaker to join your preferred online meeting platform (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, your own Zoom account, etc.).

Sessions can be scheduled for mornings or afternoons – just let us know the time that works best for you. Please note that sessions cannot be recorded without the express consent of The Riverwood Conservancy. Additional fees may apply to recorded sessions.

Code of Online Conduct

The Riverwood Conservancy is committed to making every reasonable effort to provide a safe and accommodating atmosphere for all participants of our online programs. By booking a TRC Virtual Education Program, you agree that all session participants will abide by our Code of Online Conduct.

Virtual Programs for Elementary Students

All of our programs feature lively, interactive instruction that includes physical movement, a game, and a hands-on activity. All programs connect to the Understanding Life Systems section of Ontario's elementary education curriculum.

Multi-Session Programs

Grades K-3 | Bird Buddies | Two 45-minute sessions | $100

Learn about birds in your neighbourhood, including their characteristics and songs, and tracks and signs.

Grades 4-6 | Bird Biodiversity and Habitats | Two 45-minute sessions | $100

Learn about local bird biodiversity, classification, habitats, and how to be a community scientist.

Grade 4 | Rocks and Minerals | Four 45-minute sessions | $200

Session 1 looks at how Riverwood's geologic landscape was formed, including the creation of fossils from ancient seas, and how rocks and minerals are used by wildlife and people. Session 2 explores how to identify different rock categories and looks at minerals and their properties. Session 3 highlights different types of jobs at Riverwood and the challenges experienced in the park by both people and wildlife. Session 4 explains how money works in non-profit organizations, and the cost of rock and mineral materials for programs.

Single-Session Programs

Our single-session programs can be delivered to one class, or multiple classes from the same school at the same time. Pricing is as follows:

1 class – $60
5 classes – $150
10 classes – $300

Please email our Education Program Manager, Catherine Wassmansdorf, to inquire about whole school presentations.

Grades K-8 | Turtle Time | 45-minute session

Meet our classroom turtles! Learn about their species, habitat, individual personalities, and some turtle troubles to consider.

Grades K-8 | Wildlife Wonders | 45-minute session

Students will learn about Riverwood's wildlife and their habitats through vibrant images, video, objects, and storytelling.

Virtual Programs for Secondary Students

There is no fee for virtual programs for secondary students thanks to the generous support of the Suncor Energy Foundation and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) PromoScience Program. Please note that a tablet or computer is required for each participating student except for the Retreat in Nature program. All sessions are limited to 35 participants.

Sustainability of the Credit River | 60-minute session

Students virtually visit the Credit River to collect data on the properties of water and benthic macroinvertebrates through video and interactive activities. Learn about the impact of stormwater on the area, local aquatic food chains and webs, positive and negative human impacts, and volunteer opportunities.
Suitable for Grade 9 SNC 1D/1P

Virtual Trigonometry Field Trip | 60 – 90-minute session

Visit Riverwood virtually to learn how to calculate a tree's height on flat ground using videos and an online worksheet. Students will learn about real-world applications of trigonometry. This program includes synchronous whole class instruction, including interactive activities. Students complete a simple assignment during the program. Student comments and an answer key will be provided to the teacher after the program.
Suitable for Grade 10 MPM2P/2D

Virtual Geography Field Trip | 45 – 60-minute session

Guided by an instructor, students examine Riverwood's geography from three perspectives: geology and landforms, biodiversity, and human interactions with the land. Students will be asked to make an informed recommendation about the future of our natural space. Should land use at Riverwood stay the same, focus more on conservation, or move towards urban development? Students will participate in interactive elements.

Virtual Retreat in Nature | 15 – 60-minute session

Through images, video, and storytelling, visit the beautiful nature trails of Riverwood to learn about local wildlife. We’ll explore ways to enjoy the outdoors safely and how to be a good steward of the environment.
Suitable for Healthy Active Living Education Courses or Catholic School Religion Retreats

Virtual Programs for People with Special Needs

Programs are available from March through June. Book two or more sessions for $50 each, or a single session for $60.

Seeds in the Garden | 45-minute session

Plant a seed and see what grows! Examine different types of seeds and explore the process of planting a seed, taking care of it and watching it grow.

Food from the Garden | 45-minute session

Explore planting options, from square foot gardening in your backyard or community garden, to container gardening on your balcony. Plant a pizza garden and grow your favourite toppings close to home!

Colour in the Garden | 45-minute session

Enjoy the new growth and anticipation of blooms to come as we explore plant life with a virtual walk through Riverwood’s gardens.

Pollinators in the Garden | 45-minute session

Take an in depth look at pollination and what is involved in growing a garden. Observe some of our favourite pollinators as well as the plants that best support them!

Birds in the Garden | 45-minute session

Explore the common birds you might see frequenting feeders and examine the mating rituals and nesting habits of some of Riverwood’s common bird species. We’ll also explore what makes up a bird’s “language” and how birds communicate with one another.

Turtle Time | 45-minute session

Meet The Riverwood Conservancy's resident turtles! Learn about their species, habitat, individual personalities, and some some of the challenges facing turtles in the wild.

Program Booking and Payment

Please complete the form below to book a Virtual Education Session or Sessions for your class or group. Please email our Education Program Manager, Catherine Wassmansdorf, to inquire about whole school presentations.

After submitting your form, we will contact you by email with details on your program. You must reply to that email to confirm your booking. Unconfirmed booking requests will be held for two weeks. After that time, the requested dates will be released. Please note that a pre-program planning call may be required before we can confirm a program booking; we will contact you to arrange a call if necessary.

The Riverwood Conservancy will send an invoice to your school or organization after the delivery of your requested program(s).