Native Plant Propagation Program (NP3)

The Native Plant Propagation Program (NP3) is a unique wildflower program that gives volunteers the chance to learn about and grow native plants. In doing so, volunteers help to restore natural areas at Riverwood and at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.

Volunteers in NP3 work to identify native wildflowers, forecast seed production, plant seeds and care for flowers until they are mature enough to transplant back to our sites. Volunteers also have the option of keeping one third of the plants they grow for their own gardens.

NP3 aims to:

– Retain local genetic integrity of the species
– Foster the restoration of Riverwood and Rattray Marsh through hands-on activities
– Increase biodiversity in areas where invasive plants have been recently removed
– Educate the public about the value of using native plants in gardens

NP3 caters to all levels of environmental enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced naturalist or looking for an introduction to native plants, please complete a Volunteer Application Form to get involved.