Gardening Naturally

Go on, drag dirt into our classroom

Gardening Naturally, available for Grade 3 and Grade 5 classes, is our full-day, gardening-focused program that highlights how gardening supports individual and community actions, which have positive impacts on health, wellbeing, and a sustainable future. Gardening Naturally programs are made possible through the generous support of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the Telus Friendly Future Foundation.

Garden Time

Classes will experience hands-on gardening in Riverwood’s expanded vegetable gardens. Students learn about vegetable gardening as an affordable way to access healthy food that has a low environmental impact.

Nature Time

Students will also visit biodiverse natural areas at Riverwood to learn how they are connected to healthy people and gardens. Activities focus on pollinator connections with native plants, how to make and support healthy soil and how to identify and limit invasive species.


Students will develop 21st century skills while using our WiFi-connected iPads to support their learning in the forest, outside the walls of their classrooms.


Gardening Naturally’s design is grounded on research showing that time spent in natural areas has physical and mental health benefits. Our professional staff will safely guide students through meaningful outdoor experiences that promote health and learning.


Each student will bring home materials to extend their experience at home or in the classroom. Classes will be updated weekly on how their plant friends are growing at Riverwood.


Program activities directly complement the Ontario Science Curriculum and the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum:

Grade 3

Growth and Changes in Plants, Soils in the Environment

Healthy Eating:

D1.1 – Food origins, nutritional value, and environmental impact
D2.1 – Food choices
D3.1 – Local and cultural foods, eating choices

Grade 5

Human Health and Body Systems

Healthy Living: Making Healthy Choices, food literacy.

Matter and Energy: Relating Science and Technology to Our Changing World

Sustainable Development Goals-Connected

– Good health and well-being
– Food security
– Quality education
– Climate action

EcoSchools Eligible

Gardening Naturally is an approved field trip for EcoSchools Canada Certification and is eligible for EcoSchools Canada funding opportunities.

Dates and Pricing

Gardening Naturally programs are available in fall 2023 and spring 2024

Note: We can accommodate two classes in one day

$415 per class

Cancellation Policy

When a program must be cancelled by TRC or the school/group (E.g., in the case of inclement weather or bus cancellations), TRC and the school/group will attempt to re-schedule. Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to thunderstorms, high winds, flooding and temperature extremes.

Due to the high demand for programs, schools/groups who want to cancel their programs without penalty must communicate and be confirmed by TRC in writing no later than one month prior to the scheduled program.

The charge for a cancelled program is 50 percent of the booked program fee. A school/group may re-schedule their program without a charge, if booked within the current calendar year.

Schools will not be allowed to book or participate in more programs if they have invoices outstanding more than 120 days.

In cases where TRC cancels due to weather, illness, insufficient enrollment and we are unable to re-schedule. We will attempt to re-schedule or refund as determined by circumstances. Full refunds will be issued.

If the cancellation is due to the occurrence of a traumatic event at the school/group, at the discretion of TRC, the cancellation charge may be waived.