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Webinar – Nature’s GPS: bird navigation strategies

Friday, April 09, 2021 | 7:00 pm 8:00 pm


Migratory birds travel great distances between their wintering grounds and their breeding grounds. But how exactly do they know where to go? Do they know how to get back to the same tree in Riverwood in May when they’re in Mexico in February? It turns out that they could be using a range of tools from their “migration toolbox” to perform these great feats. These tools can differ based on factors like species and age. Some birds may use the Earth’s magnetic field, while others may use scents, and some may just follow the leader of the group. Join our webinar to go on a migration journey of your own to explore these different navigation strategies!

About the Presenter

Aranya Iyer is a Masters student at Western University with the Department of Geography and the Environment. Her project centers on building mathematical models to learn how birds make decisions during migration. Specifically, she studies how birds may use magnetic cues to navigate. Sadly, her work does not test if putting a magnet in your yard will attract that one rare bird you are chasing. She is also interested in science communication and how to make academia accessible. Check out her work on Instagram @nerdmeetsbird.