Education Naturally Field Trips

Bring your elementary class to Riverwood

Education Naturally field trips cover a range of topics, with tailored lessons for different grades. See our full list of programs below, and book your field trip today.

Please note that each field trip can host a class with a maximum of 30 students, and we can accommodate up to two classes, totaling 60 students, each day.

Primary Programs

Kindergarten – Insects

Students learn about the various insect species that make Riverwood their home, and how they interact with human beings.

Grade 1 – Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Students discover animal and plant characteristics and patterns, and go on an exploratory hike at Riverwood.

Grade 2 – Growth in Animals

Students get up close and personal with Riverwood’s wildlife: toads, birds, salamanders, salmon, butterflies, and insects.

Grade 3 – Growth in Plants

Students visit a variety of plant communities, including mature forest, ornamental and food gardens, and wetlands. They then learn about plant care and select plants to take home.

Junior Programs

Grade 4 – Habitats and Communities

Students engage in habitat simulation activities, explore Riverwood’s various wildlife habitats, and dissect owl pellets (optional).

Grade 4 – Rocks and Minerals

Students learn about and visit the remnants of an ancient Silurian sea, hunt for fossils, learn how to identify common rocks and minerals, and practice geology.

Grade 4 – Light and Sound

Students explore the roles that light and sound play in Riverwood, learn about the properties of light and sound, investigate the science behind these two kinds of energy, and learn how technology impacts plants and animals.

Grade 5 – Mapping and Navigation

Students learn compass, Global Positioning System, geocaching, and mapping skills, while gaining hands-on experience with the latest mapping technology.

Grade 5 – Energy and Conservation

Students see examples of renewable energy sources and how they operate, then investigate which form of renewable energy is suitable powering Riverwood’s buildings.

Grade 6 – Biodiversity

Students collect field data, participate in invasive species monitoring, learn classification, and visit a variety of ecosystems (wetland, forest, creek) to investigate the Credit River’s salmon migration (fall), birds (winter), or frogs (spring).

Intermediate Programs

Grade 7 – Ecosystems

Students witness ecology in action, conduct field research, collect citizen science data, perform abiotic and biotic investigations, and visit a variety of ecosystems (wetland, forest, meadow).

Grade 7 – Climate Change

Students conduct temperature-focused science experiments, study the effects of cold on animal and plant survival, and participate in winter animal survival simulations.

Grade 8 – Water Systems

Students visit a variety of aquatic habitats, make predictions about ecosystem health, conduct field research, and collect data on Riverwood’s waterways.

Specialty Programs

K-8 – Hot Chocolate and Wild Birds
Only available from December 1 to March 31

Students explore Riverwood’s urban forest and hand-feed chickadees, then return to our indoor classroom to warm up with hot chocolate and make crafts.

K-8 – Stewardship

Students learn about The Riverwood Conservancy’s stewardship work, and provide hands-on help with revitalization projects by spreading woodchips on trails, managing invasive species, and planting trees.

K-8 – Salmon Migration
Only available from September 26 to October 24

Cheer on wild salmon as they navigate their way up the Credit River to spawn. Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the salmon run and learn about the fascinating survival needs of salmon through hands-on activities, simulations, and inquiry.

K-8 – Art Naturally

This program blends the creativity of studio art with hands-on field science for a full day of art and outdoor learning. Students spend half their day outdoors exploring Riverwood and half their day in Visual Arts Mississauga’s studios where they create a take-home piece.

Note: Art Naturally bookings must be made directly through Visual Arts Mississauga by emailing

Grades 4-8 – Geocaching

Bring your students out for a geocaching adventure! Students will learn basic navigation skills, how to use a Global Positioning System (GPS), and work together in teams to find hidden treasures in Riverwood.

Grades 3 and 5 – Gardening Naturally
Only available September 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28 and Fridays from May 4 – June 23

This boutique 3.5-hour program includes touring Riverwood’s gardens with our Gardens Coordinator, participating in hands-on simulation activities, and exploring the trails with our Education Naturally guides.

This is an approved field trip for EcoSchools Canada Certification and is eligible for EcoSchools Canada funding opportunities.

Program activities directly compliment the Ontario Science Curriculum and the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum:

  • Grade 3 – Growth and Changes in Plants, Soils in the Environment
  • Grade 3 – Healthy Eating
    • D1.1 – Food origins, nutritional value, and environmental impact
    • D2.1 – Food choices
    • D3.1 – Local and cultural foods, eating choices
  • Grade 5 – Human Health and Body Systems
  • Grade 5 – Healthy Living: Making Healthy Choices, food literacy.


Half-Day Program

Primary/Junior/Intermediate Program: $12 per student ($200 minimum)
Specialty Program: $13 per student ($220 minimum)
Any Program for a Homeschool Class: $13 per student ($220 minimum)

Full-Day Program

Primary/Junior/Intermediate Program: $18 per student ($300 minimum)
Any Program for a Homeschool Class: $19 per student ($325 minimum)

Art Naturally Full-Day Program

All classes: $24 per student ($360 minimum)

Gardening Naturally Program

All Classes: $400 per class

Program Availability (Fall 2022–Spring 2023)

* This Half-Day nature education program can be combined with Art Naturally to create a Full-Day program.

Cancellation Policy

When a program must be cancelled by TRC or the school/group (E.g., in the case of inclement weather or bus cancellations), TRC and the school/group will attempt to re-schedule. Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to thunderstorms, high winds, flooding and temperature extremes.

Due to the high demand for programs, schools/groups who want to cancel their programs without penalty must communicate and be confirmed by TRC in writing no later than one month prior to the scheduled program.

The charge for a cancelled program is 50 percent of the booked program fee. A school/group may re-schedule their program without a charge, if booked within the current calendar year.

Schools will not be allowed to book or participate in more programs if they have invoices outstanding more than 120 days.

In cases where TRC cancels due to weather, illness, insufficient enrollment and we are unable to re-schedule. We will attempt to re-schedule or refund as determined by circumstances. Full refunds will be issued.

If the cancellation is due to the occurrence of a traumatic event at the school/group, at the discretion of TRC, the cancellation charge may be waived.

Program Booking and Payment

Complete the form below to book your Education Naturally field trip. Please note that separate forms must be submitted for each program you wish to book for your class.

After submitting your form, we will contact you at the email address you provided with details on your program. You must reply to that email to confirm your booking. Unconfirmed booking requests will be held for two weeks. After that time, the requested dates will be released. Please note that a pre-program planning call may be required before we can confirm a program booking; we will contact you to arrange a call if necessary.

The Riverwood Conservancy will send an invoice to your school or organization after the delivery of your requested program(s).

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