Get to Know The Riverwood Conservancy

The Riverwood Conservancy (TRC) is a volunteer- and member-based charity that protects, restores, and invites people to connect with nature at Riverwood – an oasis of woodlands, meadows, and ravines that spans 150 acres along the Credit River in Mississauga. Thanks to abundant wildlife that includes deer, mink, beavers, possums, and over 180 species of birds, Riverwood is recognized as one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Credit River watershed; a remarkable fact given its location in the heart of Mississauga.

Founded in 1985 as the Mississauga Garden Council, today TRC works to connect people of all ages, abilities, and cultures to the wonders of nature through programming that includes environmental education, conservation, gardening, and nature-based programming for people with special needs.

Our Vision

A community that lives in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

The Riverwood Conservancy is the charity that provides programs and direction for Riverwood – the 150-acre, urban nature preserve situated on the shores of the Credit River in Mississauga. Working together with like-minded groups and individuals, our mission is to enable people of all cultures, ages, and abilities to respectfully connect with nature and learn about the importance of protecting, conserving and restoring natural spaces for the well-being of future generations – all while experiencing the beauty of the Riverwood gardens.

Our Values

Respect — We are a kind and caring organization that respects nature, the environment, and all people.
Welcoming — We enjoy meeting new people, hearing new ideas, and sharing the beauty of Riverwood.
Leadership — We are passionate in building awareness and offering opportunities for learning and discovery.
Participation — We provide opportunities for growth and a path for the future through community participation.
Integrity — We take our responsibilities very seriously and are transparent in our communications, interactions and intentions.

Strategic Plan 2023-2026

Goal 1

To maintain, protect, and improve the quality and climate resilience of natural spaces and gardens in and surrounding Riverwood.


1. To protect and restore the diverse ecosystems, natural features, and wildlife populations of Riverwood and the surrounding area.

2. To design and maintain diverse and engaging gardens, expressing a vision that connects Riverwood with the community.

3. To co-develop a Riverwood Trail Plan with our partners to support The Riverwood Conservancy’s programming, The Credit Valley Trail System, and public enjoyment
of Riverwood.

Goal 2

To build connections to, and knowledge of, nature by delivering educational programming that is open and accessible
to everyone.


1. To spark wonder and delight by delivering high-quality outdoor education programming that engages children, youth, and their families.

2. To engage people in the community by supporting and delivering public and community-oriented educational programs.

3. To explore and implement innovative strategies that serve the outdoor education needs of people with disabilities and special needs.

4. To respond to the interests of diverse communities, especially Indigenous and newcomer communities, by responsively adapting program offerings.

5. To refine and expand the utility of gardens and trails as supports for passive and active nature education.

Goal 3

To strengthen health and wellbeing by connecting people with nature through recreational, social, and cultural activities.


1. To ensure that Riverwood continues to be a place where people come for recreation and to enjoy and connect to nature.

2. To engage people in volunteer roles that provide purpose, social connections, and physical activity.

3. To work with Indigenous communities to support their goals for wellbeing through programs and ceremonies at Riverwood.

4. To deliver health and well-being programs for youth, seniors, newcomers, and people with disabilities and special needs.

5. To engage people in the arts through outdoor activities or performances at Riverwood.

Goal 4

To commit to an inclusive and
welcoming culture.


1. To include more people of diverse ages, abilities, experiences and identities in The Riverwood Conservancy’s governance and operations.

2. To foster a strong sense of community amongst volunteers contributing to The Riverwood Conservancy.

3. To maintain The Riverwood Conservancy as an accommodating, inclusive, and welcoming workplace.

Goal 5

To build financial assets, planning and processes for the resilience and sustainability of The Riverwood Conservancy.


1. To retain and enhance core City grant agreements and funding relationships.

2. To enhance and expand fee-for-service offerings and donations.

3. To continue the development of an integrated revenue strategy.

4. To support our mission and revenue goals with a comprehensive communications and marketing program.

5. To continue to build and refine governance and planning capacity and functions at The Riverwood Conservancy.